Texas Isshinryu Karate has been teaching traditional martial arts classes since 1991 under the direction of Hanshi Robert A. Kristensen. Sensei Jeannie Rupp runs the Granbury dojo, she has been studying Isshinryu for 20 years and earned her Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) in 2003 and is currently a 4th degree Black Belt.

Isshinryu karate is an Authentic martial art with traditional roots in Okinawa, birthplace of Karate. Isshinryu philosophy is built around effective self-defense. Isshinryu is an original mixed martial. The benefits of a traditional martial arts class are many, including:

  • Building self- esteem so they are confident leaders
  • Teaches that a positive attitude can make all the difference
  • Teach self-defense, so if a bad situation occurs, they will know just what to do
  • Help them become self-disciplined and respectful in all aspects of life
  • Builds control over their minds and bodies.

To enroll call Jeannie 214-923-1924