Gym-Kat Sports Center

Power Tumbling & Trampoline, Cheerleading, Dance, Karate, Adult Fitness


9,000 sq. ft. Main Gym
2,000 sq. ft. Preschool Gym
2,500 sq. ft. Parent Viewing Lobby
42’x54’ Spring Cheer Floor
4 7’x14’ In Ground Trampolines
1 7’x14’ Above Ground Competitive Trampoline
2 Double Mini’s – one onto 10’x20’ crash pad and one into foam pit
20’x20’ Trampoline Bottomed Foam Pit
84’ Rod Tumble Floor with 10’x20’ crash pad
40’ Tumble Trampoline
2,000 sq. ft. Dance, Karate, and Adult Fitness room with floating wood floor